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六次療癒的接觸靜心之夜 2


帶領者:迦雅Jaya { jayadip@web.de }
費用:單堂$600一期六堂$3000( 600)
報名:03-3381126, 0978-782-993, 庫瑪


奧修: This is it! #7

Healing through Touch 2
6 Evening Meditations
Oct.2nd - Nov.20th • every Friday 7:30~9:45pm
Essential these evening classes are healing meditations. It will help us to get out of the weekly working and household stress. By relaxing the body, we relax our minds and feelings.
We all like or want touch. Touch is one of the best healing instruments we have! Doing massage the body functions as a door to our divine self.
We already have almost everything we need to do and receive massage: Our own bodies! We just need to learn to discover and to trust our own inner healing powers! And the best way to do that is to, well, just do it!
These evening meditation classes offer the opportunity to come together and heal each other through simple and easy-to-learn techniques.
Additional we will use other bodyworks, Q&A and sharing to deepen our experiences.
Just join in and enjoy with us!

Jaya has been an (Hara) Awareness Massage teacher and session giver in the international Osho field for more then 20 years. He will share with us some of the tools of this long practical experience. Tools you can bring back home and share with your family and loved once.

Course language: English & Chinese
Oct.2nd- Nov.20th • every Friday 7:30~10:00pm
(a total of 6 classes)
Facilitator:迦雅Jaya { jayadip(at)web.de }
Cost: each class NT$600
book all 6 classes NT$3000(save 600)
Venue:奧修庫瑪洛靜心中心桃園• 市北新街62號
Sign up:03-3381126, 0978-782-993, Ma Khumal
“The human body is the greatest mystery in existence, and massage is trying to get in tune with the energy of the human body. So whatsoever appears on the surface is not so significant. In fact, what happens inside the energy system is the most significant thing. “
OSHO: This is it! #7
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