男人的相會 簡介
The Men's Group (Wednesday evenings)
I’m a man. Since more then 13 years I have been working and exploring with the spiritual field in Taiwan. The stunning fact is, that around 90% of participants in contemporary growth and self-exploration activities are women!
Where are you men???
Working your job and then trying to recover with modern gadgets, loosing all connection to your inner and outer worlds?
Yes, in general women are more spiritual then men, as they are more connected to emotions and relating. We men are usually more rational and thus easier isolated.
However modern spirituality has become more reasonable and starts for example fusing with advanced science. This will help men to get incentives and better access to the world beyond material survival.
This is an invitation to men to come together! Lets explore, share, understand, experiment and grow together! Of cause the focus is on inner understanding and spirituality, but also on spiritual relating, you with yourself, men to men and men to women.
If the woman at your side is embarking on the inner journey, sooner then later she needs her man to come along with her. You need to join her, if you want to stay in tune with her passion and keep on understanding each other!
In ether way, it is high time to catch up just with your self and other fallow travelling men on the inner roads!
Welcome to join this weekly evening gathering. This is an open group, which will create its way while we are moving along. It has an open agenda. Jaya will direct and give structures according to the needs of the moment.
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