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行深喜瑪拉雅 : 聽自然說法 2018

課程語言:英文, 中文翻議會由熱情的旅伴義務提供。

迦雅 Jaya
Himalayan Depth:
Satsang with Nature 2018
Beyond the High Passes • Ladakh
The Himalayas have been my home and retreat place for more then 30 years. The stunning beauty of the Himalayan nature had attracted me the most. (Jaya)

I want to invite you to travel with me to this jewel in the long string of high Himalayan Mountains and passes.

Meditation-travels with Jaya are a unique blend of inner and outer journeys. You will be invited to let each turn of the road be a new discovery of hidden messages form nature. And each moment can be a step into meditation.
Buddha’s “Journey without a goal” can be experienced in it’s true meaning.
On the ways we will discover hidden temples, which have been worshipped for many centuries. We can taste the divine elements and see in them reflections of our inner essential treasures.

We will travel over the high Himalayan passes from Manali to Leh. This is one of the world's most amazing roads! Remote, with almost no human settlements. Being in this awesome, beautiful, out of the world scenery, will drive us into the emptiness of the inner self.

The unusual combination of inner and outer makes this an extraordinary and unforgettable adventure
No better way to meditate and integrate!

Course main language: English, with Chinese translation by loving support through fellow travelers.

This journey is limited to maximum 11 participants. Early booking is required. So make up your mind soon!
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