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學習密集覺知冥想有什麼好處? 些靜修方式能幫助你在冥想時有清晰的方向,為你省卻許多徒勞。就像配備加速器般的讓你的高我開始覺醒。它們將潔淨你的身、心、靈,讓你免於過多的人為治療。 公案會像雷射刀一般,切入不同層次的人格自我,直接帶領你進入問題的核心,認識你自己。它們將開啟最終讓你成為自身主宰的門戶。
課程日期:每個星期四晚上 • 7:15~9:30pm (合計6)
費用:單堂$600,一期六堂$3000( 600)
地點:奧修庫瑪洛靜心中心桃園 市北新街62
報名:03-3381126, 0978-782-993, 庫瑪
AIM Who is in?
6 Practice Evenings
You know, I am in love with the AIM process! It has and does wonders for many people around the globe and is the base of some of my greatest spiritual breakthroughs.
No wonder that one of my biggest wishes is you will fall in love with it too!
Osho wanted that everybody of his people go through this process.

In order to help you a little to overcome the inner barriers, I came up with the idea of rehearsal and warming up evenings. There you can get a taste of what an AIM retreat may look like.
During these 6 evenings in March and April, we will work with different life koans, so you get a feel of their richness and benefits for your inner and outer journey through life!
No excuses anymore! Just jump in and see for yourself!

What is my benefit when doing AIM?
These retreats have the potential to spare you many fruitless efforts on the meditation path by giving you a clear direction. They are like booster shoots to kick start your higher self. They clean your body heart and mind deeply, thus saving you from too much therapy. The koans cut through layers of personality like a laser beam to bring you straight to the target of who you really are. They open doors to eventually become your own master.
To read the general description about the AIM process: Click here
Meditate on !This:
The moment one becomes the witness, consciousness leaves the seen and settles on the seer. In this state is attained the unwavering flame of wisdom. And this very flame is liberation.




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