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There is a Hindu saying of the child in the womb: “Do not let me forget who I am!” Entering the world and looking at all the many things outside - playing, loving, working, fighting, eating, learning, making money, running family - we get so attached with the world, that we loose the one who sees it all!
What can move out can come back too. Lets take some time to AIM at our self again! What happens, when the arrow of consciousness hits the truth “within”? In the quest for deeper realizations we must turn within. Ultimately only our own understanding will bring lasting meaning and satisfaction. From the perceived inner meaning that is inherent to all of us clarity eventually will arise. Inquiring within is to delve the same realms like every genuine master and teacher.
Love, trust, freedom, truth, consciousness, who am I - are fundamental quests in our life we never cease looking for?
Where does this longing come from?
What do these notions really mean?
Why do their true meaning so often elude us?

These life questions called Koans AIM straight to the target. Not only asking, but getting a direct experience will give lasting confidence in our individual understanding.
Listen to our selves and others. Lets come together to create a field of loving support. Rarely we have this opportunity to meet people on the path of truth united with a common AIM to explore the “inner” worlds.
Lets not rest, until what does not belong to our truth is uncovered and
transformed. In this deep healing and cleansing we see and let go of dependence on borrowed ideas, concepts, memories, emotions and the rest. Thus, slowly or suddenly, that what was never lost might be found anew!

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The end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time

(T. S. Eliot)

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