內在旅程 Jaya一日工作坊
2016年2月20日 - 21日 觀心生活學空間 • 台北市
「我們到底是誰? 」我們經常迷戀物質利益、外在表現、成功和世上所有的好東西,這並沒有什麼不對,然而如果我們不存在,這些有何意義? 內在旅程與大多數我們過去被教導和訓練的事情截然不同,它將帶領你連結真正的圓滿和滿足,每個旅程將從踏出第一步開始,一步一腳印地走下去。




One-Day-Events with Jaya
Probably the most exciting journeys we can ever embark on are the journeys within. After all, those are the journeys towards our true nature, authentic treasures, real potential, authentic being and spiritual home.
That is in stark contrast to what most of us have been told and conditioned to. We are often so fixated on material gains, outer manifestations, success and all the other goodies of the world.
Nothing is wrong with that. But what is the meaning, if we are not present? Who are we after all?
The inner journey home adds the missing link to genuine fulfillment and contentment.
And every journey starts with a single step and will continue one step at a time.
Inner Journeys are open days just to do these steps. We will come together and use different vehicles - like meditations, games, sharing, Q&A, exercises, sounds, release – to explore the inner territory. What we do is not as important as that we do it. After all as the Buddha pointed out: the journey itself is the goal.
Jaya is a passionate and experienced tour guide on inner and outer journeys the world over. And having a guide in unfamiliar territories can proof very useful to find and understand, what we are experiencing. So, welcome to join, while he is reaching into his treasure box filled from many years of self-experiences.
These days are easy to manage opportunities to taste yourself in this busy modern world. They will also allow you to meet and taste the work of Jaya. They might inspire you to start and continue on the road to nowhere or now here.
So what are you waiting for?
Come in and join! Just do it!

~~迦雅Jaya ~~

Probably the most exciting journeys we can ever embark on are the journeys within.

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