內在旅程 Jaya一日工作坊
2016年2月20日 - 21日 觀心生活學空間 • 台北市








體驗價 :一人300元
團體學費:12,000 (3/31之前報名,可享2人同行8折 $9,600 3人同行7.5折 $9,000)

電話:(03)3381126 手機:0922936426

One-Day-Events with Jaya

How many times do we repeat this mantra? It’s so conventional and easy on our lips. But do we actually care? In daily life we often lack support to be true to our real feelings. We are too busy to even pay attention!

Take a moment and a deep breath. Sincerely ask yourself: “How are you?” and listen and feel into your inner space! What do you sense and see?

Welcome to the world of true feelings!

In this weekend seminar we will have the beautiful opportunity to allow and open our hearts again. In a save and supportive atmosphere, we will practice breathing, body awareness, dance, sharing, touch, games, interactive meditations. We will open to experience emotions and reconnect to authentic feeling. Through the unburdening of our past wounds, fear will decrease and Love will increase!
We will discover a deeper self that lies shrouded under the many layers of suppressed emotions.
Coming to terms with our true feelings will help to raise our emotional (SQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ). We discover the fine lines between suppressing, acting out and response. This translates in a better understanding and interaction with yourself and others. It relaxes the control of mind and conditionings and leads to greater inner and outer freedom.
In his work, Osho put a lot of emphasis in cleaning our lower chakras in order to have them properly functional and easily available, when we move to the deeper dimensions of Being. This weekend you have this chance to discover, what that might really mean!
It has been proven again and again, that we can evolve easier and quicker, when we are not alone. So take this opportunity to come together with other fellow travelers!
You are welcome the way you are!



One of the fundamental laws of life is this: whatsoever you hide goes on growing, and whatsoever you expose, if it is wrong it disappears, evaporates in the sun, and if it is right it is nourished.


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