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團體治療或冥想練習過後,我們會在日常生活、人際關係和家庭關係中發掘出需要面對與討論、解決的問題。但總有些不同的因素使我們與身邊親近的人一同面對問題這件事困難重重。 在諮詢個案中,我們將有機會在有經驗、超然於我們所遇到困境的引導者協助下,以不同觀點審視所遭遇的問題。我們將能暢所欲言,傾訴內心思緒,並在必要時表達內心的情緒;我這將能協助我們拋開既定形象的束縛、走出內心的桎梏及情感上的依賴,重新回歸內在真我中心,並對其中包含的動能有嶄新、清晰的領會。 個案諮詢的時間通常是一小時。如果需要超過一小時的諮詢時間,我們建議你預約登記一堂開放課程。 諮詢也可以透過Skype進行




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!NEW! Chakra Counseling Session

Charka counseling is a deep healing on the energy level. Jaya designed these unique counseling sessions to combine the time-tested 7-Chakra map with modern psychology. The chakra-map covers all aspects of human life – from survival issues to our divine nature or in Osho’s famous words: “From Sex to Super-Consciousness”. ur. If you feel you need more time, book an open session.
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HARA Awareness Massage Session

This session combines counseling, emotional release, body work and awareness meditation. The body is among many things a sophisticated memory system. Combining touch, love and awareness we can connect with the subconsciousness to free blocks, which lie in the way to our inner self.
Counseling Session

In daily life, after groups or meditations, in relationships and family situations issues arise, we need to talk about. But for different reasons this might not be possible with the people next to us.
In a counseling session we have the opportunity to express and look at the issue from different view points with a trained facilitator, who is not entangled with difficulties . We can speak freely, what is cooking inside, express our emotions if need, explore deeper and hidden traits, which compel us to act or feel the way we do.
This can support us to dis-identify, get out of the mind and attached feelings, regain our inner center and get a clearer, fresher understanding of the dynamics involved.
Counseling session typically lays 1 hour. If you feel you need more time, book an open session.
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Grounding Session

This session helps us through bodywork‭, ‬emotional release and‭ exercises to root us to the support of mother earth‭ and the satiability of conscious awareness . ‬
Jaya offers session at present in:

Taoyuan • Osho Center

Hsinchu Zhubei : !THIS-Center, where i live 0972 991 350,

skype make an appointments on +886 - 972-991-350,, e-mail
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