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Chakra Counseling Session
Charka counseling is a deep healing on the energy level. Jaya designed these unique counseling sessions to combine the time-tested 7-Chakra map with modern psychology. The chakra-map covers all aspects of human life – from survival issues to our divine nature or in Osho’s famous words: “From Sex to Super-Consciousness”.
Each chakra provides us with a specific lens or viewing angle. This helps us to untangle confusions and apparent contradictions. We gain more clarity and as we look into the issue through the different energetical aspects of our structure we open different doors to master our specific concerns.
Chakra Counseling can be used to look at all kinds of life issues and it can be especial helpful to understand relationship issues like separation, divorce or when we lost someone through death.
You can also attend these sessions just for the benefit of a deeper understanding of yourself through the chakra levels.
In these sessions - beside counseling - we use visualizations, energy work, sound meditations, cleansing techniques and more, depending on the given circumstances.
This is an in-depth process. In order to reap the full benefit of these sessions, you need to book a minimum of 3 sessions, 90 minutes each.
I am looking forward to be your guide on this inner journey!
These sessions can also be booked as 60 minutes Skype consultations.
Jaya offers session at:

Taoyuan • Osho Khumal Center

Hsinchu Zhubei : !THIS Center 0972 991 350,

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